The first job was to separate the bathroom from the bedroom.

This is how it was.

And this is what we did to separate the two. First a frame went up using the French system.

Then it was plaster boarded.

The next job was the kitchen.

This is how it looked originally.

So after a trip to Ikea and brining a van load of bits to France, this is what we ended up with.

Around the same time we changed all the lights and replaced the wiring as we went along.

The old fuse board

And the Tableaux

A bit of paint on the outside and repair the door (get rid of the cat flap)

A new door from the loft to the mezzanine in the barn to replace the existing small door. Not as easy as it looks to do as the wall is around 50cm thick and made from solid stones rather than bricks. It actually took about 4 days to do!


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